Edit Audio Faster with Audiate

Learn five core techniques to quickly edit audio in Audiate, including suggested edits and an introduction to effects.

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In this tutorial:

Note: Audiate is non-destructive audio editing software which means you can always undo edits and deletions. Press Ctrl+Z or select Edit menu > Undo to reverse your changes.

Edit Audio as Text

Edit the text based transcription to remove incorrect or unnecessary audio.

Click to select a word in the transcription and press the Delete key. The word is removed from the audio and the transcription.

You can also correct a word or phrase in the transcription that is misspelled or create your own custom words.

To learn more, see Edit Audio & Mistakes.

Suggested Edits

Quickly remove all hesitations, such as “ums” or “ahs,” and shorten or silence long pauses.

Click the Suggested Edits dropdown and select an option to apply the improvements to your entire audio file.
Suggested edits in Audiate

Find and Replace Words in the Audio File

Quickly search for and replace or delete a single instance or all instances of a word, hesitation, or pause. Replacing words does not affect the audio.

  1. Select Edit > Find > Find and Replace or press Alt+Control+F (Windows) or Option+Command+F (Mac).
  2. The Find pane opens. In the dropdown, select a Find option. Select Automatically Preview to play the audio as you jump between instances.
    Find and Replace dropdown in Audiate
  3. If you select Find and Replace, enter the words to find and replace into the fields. Click Replace to replace the current instance. Click All to replace all instances.
  4. Click the arrow buttons to jump between instances in the search results.
  5. Click Done to close the Find pane.

Improve Audio Quality with Effects

Add effects to improve tone, remove background noise, and adjust the volume level in the recording.

Apply an Audio Effect

  1. Open an an audio recording in Audiate.
  2. Click the Properties button.
    Effect properties button in Audiate
  3. Click the + icon to view the available audio effects.
    Add effect button in Audiate
  4. In the Effects section, click to apply the desired effect. To review the applied effect, click the Play button.
    Playback button in Audiate

Tip: Apply the Remove Noise Effect first.

The Remove Noise effect helps improve the audio quality for most recordings. For the best result, apply Remove Noise to most recordings before applying other effects.

The audio playback changes when each effect is applied, disabled, deleted, or the properties of the effect are adjusted.

To learn more about each audio effect, see Audio Effects Overview.

Effects Presets

Save customized effects and combinations of effects for future audio editing.

Save a Preset

  1. To customize an applied effect, edit the properties. The changes are immediately applied to the audio.
    Effect properties panel example
  2. To save a preset of the effect with customized properties, click the Presets dropdown and select Save Preset.
  3. To apply another effect, click the + icon.

Note: To disable an applied effect and keep its properties settings, click the on/off toggle in the effect’s properties panel.

Save an Effect Chain Preset

Save customized presets in a specific order as an Effect Chain Preset.

  1. Apply and customize multiple audio effects.
  2. In the properties panel, click the FX dropdown and select Save Effect Chain Preset.
    FX dropdown showing option to save effect chain presets in properties panel
  3. Enter a descriptive name in the Effect Chain Preset Name field and click OK.

To apply the saved Effect Chain Preset, select it from the FX dropdown.