4 Ways to Visualize Your Audio

Learn how to apply audio visualizers to animate audio clips in your video.

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Visualize your voice narration, music clips, sound effects, or any audio to transform a static video into dynamic onscreen audio animations.
Audio visualizer bar example

Here are four examples of audio content you can add audio visualizers to to help transform your video content.

Speaker Audio
Add an audio visualizer to help viewers connect with the speaker in an interview, customer quote or demo.

Add an avatar, picture, or webcam video of the speaker to provide context. If the speaker does not feel comfortable having their face appear in the video, you can include an icon of a phone or microphone.

Podcast Intro or Teaser
Use audio visualizers to create a trailer for your podcast episode. You can include an avatar or image to introduce the guest in the episode.

Video Intro or Outro
Combine a short audio visualizer and a sound effect to introduce and brand videos in a series or for your site.

Music Track
Start with your own or download music from Camtasia Assets. Audio visualizers combined with dynamic backgrounds can instantly bring music to life or set a particular mood.

For example, try this technique if you are creating an instructional video where you ask the viewer to complete an activity or brainstorm. The inspiring music and visuals can help fuel creativity or compliment webinar start music as you wait for participants to join.

See Add a Dynamic Background.

Add an Audio Visualizer

Note: Video elements with flickers or flashes, such as audio visualizers, may pose risks to some viewers. To learn more about creating accessible content, see this support article.

  1. Drag an audio clip from the Media tab onto the timeline.
  2. To find an audio visualizer:
    • Camtasia 2023.3.0 and later: Select Media tab > Camtasia Assets subtab > Audio Visualizers > See All. Browse or search for an audio visualizer.
      Audio Visualizers category on the Camtasia Assets subtab
    • Camtasia 2023.2.0 and earlier: Click the Library tab and select the Library dropdown > Camtasia 2023 Library > Audio Visualizers folder.
      Audio Visualizers folder in Library
  3. Drag an audio visualizer onto a timeline track above the audio clip. Audio visualizers animate with audio.
  4. Drag an end in or out to adjust the duration the audio visualizer appears in the video.
    Drag clip end on timeline
  5. Click and drag to position the audio visualizer on the canvas.
    position audio visualizer on canvas
  6. Click the Properties button and adjust the settings to customize the audio visualizer.
    Properties button

Add an Avatar, Webcam, or Icon

You can add an avatar, profile picture, or webcam video of the speaker to provide context for the audio. If the speaker does not feel comfortable having their face appear in the video, you can include an icon of a phone or microphone.

  1. On the Annotations tab, select the Shapes subtab and drag a shape annotation onto the canvas over audio visualizer.
    Shapes subtab in Annotations
  2. Click and drag to position the annotation on the canvas. Hold the Shift key while dragging a handle to maintain a perfect circle or square.
    position annotation on canvas
  3. On the Visual Effects tab, drag the Media Matte effect onto the shape annotation on the timeline.
  4. Drag an image, avatar, or icon from the Media tab onto the timeline track below the shape annotation.
  5. Click and drag to position the image on the canvas.
    position media on canvas
  6. On the timeline, drag the ends of the shape annotation and the image in or out to set the duration to match the length of the audio visualizer.
    Drag ends on timeline

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