Edit Audio in Audiate (version 2023.2 and earlier)

Learn how to edit audio in Camtasia version 2023.2 or earlier in Audiate.

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Note: This tutorial is Camtasia version 2023.2 and earlier. Camtasia version 2023.3 and later Audiate now have improved syncing to help users edit video and enhance audio faster than ever. Seamlessly switch between Audiate and Camtasia to edit your video like text. See Speed up Editing with Audiate.

Edit audio in TechSmith Audiate to reduce the time spent editing narration and to create smooth, professional sounding voice clips.

  • Use text-based editing to quickly remove words or edit hesitations, such as “ums” or “ahs”.
  • Edit and correct the transcription to export as a script or captions.

Note: Audiate is only available in English, but supports voice recording and transcription in all non-Asian languages.

  1. Right-click a clip on the timeline that includes spoken audio and select Edit in Audiate.
  2. Camtasia locks the current project and opens Audiate. If you have not previously installed TechSmith Audiate, click the Download Audiate button.
  3. Edit the audio in Audiate. To learn how to edit audio in TechSmith Audiate, see Edit Audio & Mistakes.
  4. Select Export > Export to Camtasia.
    Export to Camtasia option
  5. The Sync with Camtasia dialog appears. Select an option to sync the edited audio:
    Sync with Camtasia dialog
    • Edit Camtasia Timeline: Automatically updates the entire Camtasia project timeline to sync with the edited audio. For example, if you changed the duration of the audio clip, select this option to automatically update other media on the timeline to match.
    • Edit Media Only: Edits only the original video media to match the edited audio. Other clips on the timeline are not changed. Select this option if you prefer to manually adjust other media on the timeline.
  6. Click Export.

The edited audio file is imported back into the Camtasia project.

Tip: Start projects in Audiate to avoid time-intensive editing later.

Record or import audio in TechSmith Audiate first. Audiate automatically creates a transcript for you to delete “ums”, “ahs”, and pauses with the text-based editor. Export the audio directly into Camtasia to finish your project. Learn more about Audiate.