What’s New in Snagit 2022

New features and improvements enable you to work more fluidly across multiple computers and collaborate across operating systems.

3d Snagit icon

Cloud Library Storage

Store your library in the cloud to access your captures from any computer and back them up automatically. Snagit supports the following third-party storage services:

  • Box
  • Dropbox Business
  • Dropbox Personal
  • iCloud (Windows only for now)
  • OneDrive for Business
  • OneDrive Personal

For more information about cloud services and settings, see Manage the Library.

Cloud Library illustration

Snagit for Windows users will see improvements in Library performance with faster loading and searching. See Introduction to Snagit Library for a refresher on everything you can do with your Snagit Library.

Cross-Platform File Format

Open and edit the same Snagit files on both Windows and Mac computers. Snagit’s SNAGX file format replaces the former SNAG format for Windows and SNAGPROJ format for Mac and is compatible with both platforms.

Individuals and teams who use both Windows and Mac computers can open, edit, and share Snagit files with ease.

SNAGX is compatible with Windows and Mac

Cross-Platform Tool Consistency

Along with the new SNAGX format comes greater consistency between Windows and Mac. Enjoy new tool properties for more consistent styles across platforms.

New for WindowsNew for Mac
Multiple tails for callouts
Callout with multiple tails
Adjustable arrow start and end sizes
Arrow with different end sizes
Transparent fill for steps
Steps with transparent fill
Advanced shadow controls for Arrow, Text, Callout, Shape, Stamp, Pen, and Step tools
Arrow with edited shadow
“T” shaped end styles for arrows
Arrow with T-shaped ends
Object grouping
Objects grouped and moved

Check out our Tool tutorials for in-depth information and instruction on each tool and its properties.

Picture-in-Picture Video

Record your screen and webcam at the same time with Snagit’s Picture-in-Picture feature.

  • Enhance your video with a more personal touch.
  • Communicate more clearly through facial expressions.
  • Control the shape, size and placement of the webcam video in your recording.
  • Turn the camera off and on during recording as needed.

To learn more, see Record a Picture-in-Picture Video.

Video Improvements

Snagit 2022 features an upgraded video engine for greater stability, improved audio and video syncing, and better compatibility with a larger variety of webcams.

Video Tooltips

Snagit’s wealth of tools help you mark up and annotate captures quickly and clearly. Discover them all with newly enhanced tooltips. These easy-to-understand explainer animations help you improve your existing workflows and provide opportunities to discover previously overlooked Snagit tools.

Hover over a tool in the Snagit Editor toolbar until the video tooltip appears. Click Learn More in the tooltip for a tutorial about the tool and its properties.

Spotlight Tool

New for Mac users: Call attention to an area in your image by dimming or blurring the surrounding area – with just one tool.
Spotlight tool example