What’s New in Snagit 2023

Snagit's new Share Link, Snagit app for Slack, and Screen Draw all make it easier than ever to express yourself and communicate clearly at work.

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Discover what’s new in Snagit version 2023:

Click the tutorial links below to learn how to use Snagit 2023’s new features to improve workplace communications. Or visit the Snagit product page to learn more about Snagit’s features, accolades, pricing, and downloads.

Combine Videos

New for Snagit version 2023.2.0!

Now you can combine multiple video captures into a single video.

  • Relax: Record and combine multiple short clips. There’s no need to get it all right in a single take.
  • Collaborate: Import and combine videos from coworkers.
  • Save time: Reuse or rearrange video clips as needed.

To learn more, see Combine Videos.

Cursor Effects

New for Snagit version 2023.2.0!

Example of highlight Cursor Effect

Make your cursor stand out and ensure viewers can follow your cursor in screen recordings.

  • Keep viewers focused on specific content.
  • Improve design reviews by guiding participants to focus on specific elements.
  • Make it easier for developer or support teams to follow your actions and reproduce or identify an issue.

To learn more, see Capture Cursor in the Record a Video with Snagit tutorial.

Scrolling Capture Improvements

Performance and Stability

We’ve fixed the most frustrating limitations to improve scrolling capture performance and reliability:

  • Automatic scrolling capture works in more browser versions and applications.
  • Resulting captures look the way you expect them to.
  • Automatic scrolling and processing are faster.
  • Automatic scrolling capture arrows are easier to see.

Name Changes

New for Snagit version 2023.2.0!

We’ve updated the names of Panoramic and Scrolling capture to more accurately reflect their use. The Selection dropdown now shows:

  • “Scrolling” instead of “Panoramic”
  • “Automatic Scrolling” instead of “Scrolling” (Windows only)

Snagit 2023.2.0 for Windows:
Selection dropdown in Snagit Windows 2023.2.0

Snagit 2023.2.0 for Mac:
Selection dropdown in Snagit Mac 2023.2.0

To learn more, see Capture a Scrolling Area.

Interface and Experience

New for Snagit version 2023.2.0!

We’ve improved the Scrolling (formerly Panoramic) capture interface and workflow to reduce the number of clicks. No need to click Start before you can start scrolling.
Scrolling Capture button in the All-in-One toolbar

To learn more, see Capture a Scrolling Area.

Snagit + Screencast = Capture. Create. Connect.

Use Snagit to capture and create quick videos, marked-up screenshots, and GIFs. With Snagit 2023, it takes one click to get a shareable link for that media.

Paste the link into any email, chat message, or other application, then click through to Screencast to connect and collaborate with your ideas. The built-in comment system makes it easy to request and gather feedback from your team, start a conversation, or brainstorm around the content and ideas you share.

No need for a meeting, screen share, or mile-long email or chat thread! Simply Capture, Create. Connect.

To learn more, see Share & Engage (Share Link).

Snagit + Screencast + Slack = Fewer, Better Meetings

Slack apps connect the software you use to Slack. With the Snagit app for Slack, paste your shareable link into Slack and your team can preview the media right in the channel or direct message.


Your team can comment in the Slack thread or click the content link to provide more detailed feedback, such as timestamped comments or simple markup.

To learn more, see Connect and Collaborate with Snagit + Slack.

So Many Ways to Share

The wide variety of sharing options are still available in Snagit 2023. Click the Share dropdown to send your capture to the destination of your choice.
Share dropdown options on Windows

To learn more, see Share Captures.

Screen Draw

Communicate Clearly and Asynchronously

Screen Draw brings some of Snagit’s familiar tools (Arrow, Square Shape, and Step) into video capture. Paired with Snagit themes for customizable colors, now you can highlight important information on your screen as you record video.

Screen Draw makes it easier than ever to clearly and asynchronously:

  • Demonstrate a step-by-step process
  • Give design feedback
  • Report a defect
  • Share out research findings
  • And much more!

To learn more, see Screen Draw.

Stay Up to Date with Snagit

Easily Uninstall Previous Versions

You asked and we listened. When you install Snagit 2023, you’ll have the option to uninstall previous versions of Snagit automatically. No more accidentally opening the wrong version!

Import Backup (Windows)

Snagit 2023 makes it easy to import backup files from Snagit version 2021 and earlier into your current Snagit Library.

In Snagit Editor, select Edit menu > Editor Preferences > Library Tab > Import Backup.

To learn more, see Manage the Library.

Note: The option will also be available in an update to Snagit 2022 for Windows.

Snagit Maintenance

Every Snagit 2023 (and Snagit 2022) license automatically includes a free year of Snagit Maintenance. What do you get with Snagit Maintenance?

  • Free upgrade to the next version of Snagit, plus all minor updates in-between.
  • Phone, chat, and email support.
  • Take advantage of optimized Screencast and Asset Library workflows as soon as updates are available.
  • Access to Snagit Certification with 20+ videos of exclusive how-tos and training content.
  • Volume discount when you purchase 5 or more licenses.

To learn more, see Snagit Maintenance.

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