What’s New in Snagit 2024

Learn how new features and updates in Snagit 2024 help you reclaim time in your day and deliver clear, polished visual communication.

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Combine Videos

Snagit 2024 makes it quick and easy to select, order, and combine multiple clips into a single video.

Add Videos button and Combine Videos window
  • Relax: Record and combine multiple short clips. There’s no need to get it perfect in a single take.
  • Save time: Reuse or rearrange video clips as needed.
  • Collaborate: Import and combine videos from coworkers to create a shared presentation.

To learn how, see Combine Videos.

Video Capture Improvements

Cursor Effects

Snagit’s Highlight Cursor and Click Animation help viewers track cursor movements and visualize clicks in screen recordings.

Click Animation decorative graphic

Build easy-to-follow training and demonstration videos that do not rely on verbal cues for viewers to follow.

  • Show your audience exactly when and where you click.
  • Customize the animation color to increase visibility or match your brand colors.

See Record a Video with Snagit.

Blur Webcam Background (Mac)

Keep the focus on you – not what’s behind you. Set Snagit to automatically blur your webcam background.

Turn this option on or off from the Webcam options in the Capture Window or Video Recording Toolbar.
Blur background example

Mirror Webcam Video (Mac)

Flip your webcam video horizontally.

Turn this option on or off from the Webcam options in the Capture Window or Video Recording Toolbar.
Mirror webcam in capture window webcam options

Webcam Swap

Switch seamlessly between fullscreen webcam and picture-in-picture video while you record – with just the click of a button.
Example swapping between picture-in-picture and fullscreen webcam

For example:

  • Start with fullscreen webcam to set context for your video or deliver a personal message.
  • Switch to picture-in-picture while you present what’s on your screen.
  • Switch back to fullscreen webcam when you have an important point to make.

To swap, click the Fullscreen Webcam Fullscreen webcam button or Picture-in-Picture Picture-in-picture button button.

To learn more about Picture-in-Picture recording, see Record a Picture-in-Picture Video.

Experimental Features (Mac)

Be a part of shaping Snagit’s roadmap by trying out exciting new developments!

To enable experiments and select specific features, select Snagit menu > Settings > Experiments tab. Let us know what you think with the Submit Feedback button.
Experiments tab in Snagit Settings

To learn more, see Snagit Preferences – Mac.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Share to Microsoft Teams decorative graphic

Share images and video to where you already work – Microsoft Teams!

No need to copy and paste links to colleagues. Send directly from Snagit Editor to a Microsoft Teams channel or chat for streamlined collaboration and accelerated decision-making.

To learn more, see Share to Microsoft Teams.

New Starter Theme and Quick Styles

Starter theme colors and quick styles

Stop worrying about design and quickly deliver polished content.

Snagit’s new default Starter theme and Quick Styles give a fresh new look to your Snagit tools and annotations.

Check out our tutorials to learn more about Snagit Themes and Quick Styles.

New Stamps

New Snagit stamps decorative graphic

Snagit 2024 comes loaded with new stamps to quickly add stylish touches to your images.

Even more stamps are available for download from the TechSmith Assets for Snagit site.

For more information, see Stamp Tool.

Tray Pinning (Windows)

Tired of scrolling through Snagit for that one capture you took? Keep it in view with capture pinning.

Pin a capture in the recent captures tray with a single click, pin multiple captures to keep project assets together, and drag to reorder the pinned captures in the tray. Unpin captures when you’re done.

To learn how, see Recent Captures Tray.

Improved Screencast Notifications

With Snagit, capture and create quick videos, marked-up screenshots, and GIFs to share from Snagit to Screencast to connect with your audience.

Now Screencast’s improved notifications and custom settings help you stay connected. Get notified when people view or comment on your content or share media to a collection. Or turn off specific types of notifications.

To learn how to customize Screencast notifications, see Screencast Settings.

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