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Manage Files and Projects


Learn how to manage your recordings and other media before you begin that large project. Topics include project management tips, the different recording files, organization best practices, and how to get your media on the timeline.

Key takeaways from this video

  • When starting a new video project, it's best to create a standalone folder to hold your Camtasia project, Camtasia recordings, and other media. Common media file types include:
    • TechSmith Recordings (.camrec or .trec files) These files contain screen video, microphone audio, webcam recordings, and cursor data
    • Images (.png, .jpeg, etc.) Often used as title slides or other visual flair.
    • Audio (.wav, .mp3, etc.) Background music tracks or narration recorded outside of Camtasia.
    • Camtasia Project (.camproj) References all of your other media files. Open this file when you want to continue editing your video project.


    Windows folder with various media types inside

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