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Save Capture Settings

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Save time by setting up a preset to automatically remember your capture settings.

Save your Capture Settings with Presets

Set up a preset to automatically remember your capture settings and reduce the time required per capture. Use presets to skip the editing process by automatically applying an effect or sending the capture directly to a desired destination. 

This tutorial will walk you through how to set up a new preset to insert an image capture into a Microsoft Word document for developing process documentation.  

Select the Capture Settings

  1. Open the Capture window.
  2. Click to select the Image tab. 
    Image tab selected by cursor
  3. Click the Selection dropdown and select Region. The Selection type defines the area or type of content to capture on the screen.
    Capture window with region selected
  4. You can select to automatically apply an effect to the image capture. In this example, we will add a border effect to make the screenshot stand out in the documentation. 
    • In the Effects dropdown, select Border.
      Capture window with properties window open
    • Click the Properties button.
    • Click the Color dropdown and select a border color. 
    • Drag the slider or enter a value for the border size. 
  5. Next, let’s automatically share the capture to Word. You can also select to automatically send the image to a share destination including saving to a file location, uploading to cloud storage, sending to an application, or sharing to another common destination. 
    • In the Share dropdown, select Word. If you have not previously added the Microsoft Word output, select Snagit > Preferences > Outputs tab > Add button. 
      Capture window with Word output selected
    • The Microsoft Word output inserts the image into a new or open Microsoft Word document at the cursor’s current location in the document. 
  6. Finally, select the additional capture settings: 
    Capture window with the options box circled
    • Copy to Clipboard: Select this option if you want to paste (Command-V) the capture into another location after capture. 
    • Preview in Editor
      • If you want to preview the capture or complete additional editing, keep this option on. 
      • If you want to skip editing and send the capture directly to the selected share destination, turn this option off. 
    • Capture Cursor: Select this option to include the cursor as a point of reference in an image. When Snagit captures an image, the cursor can be moved, edited, or deleted from the image in Snagit Editor. 
    • Capture Delay: Delay the start of the capture to allow for additional setup time. 
  7. To create the new preset, click the Add Preset dropdown and select the New Preset from Current Settings option. This option allows you to save your current capture settings on-the-fly instead of having to recreate the profile from scratch or remember the previously selected settings.
  8. A new preset is added to the saved presets list. Enter a preset name that will help to identify the preset settings and also differentiate it from the other presets within the list. 
    Capture window with the presets tray open
    • Bad Preset Names:
      • ImagePreset1
      • Example
      • My preset
    • Good Preset Names:
      • Bordered Image to Word
      • 200 x 200 Image with Border
      • Web Thumbnail to Folder 
      • Presentation Image to PPT
  9. Set a hotkey to save even more time! Simply press the hotkey combination to start the capture without interacting with the Capture window. This is great for on-the-fly captures.  Click the Add Shortcut button.
    Capture window with the presets tray open
  10. Press the desired key combination on the keyboard to set the hotkey. 

Start Capturing with the Preset

Are you ready to try out your new preset? To start a capture using the new preset: 

  1. In the Capture window, click the Presets button. 
    Capture window with the presets button highlighted
  2. Move the cursor over the preset and a red capture button appears to the left of the name. Click the button to start the capture. 
    Capture window with the recent captures tray open
  3. The crosshairs appear. Make a selection or capture the screen and that’s it! 

The image opens in the Microsoft Word document. 

Now that you’ve learned how to set up a preset, try playing around with setting up presets for other commonly used tasks in Snagit.

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