Edit Your Captures

Learn how to edit images with Snagit Editor's powerful tools and effects.

3d Snagit icon

Use Snagit Editor to preview, edit, and share your captures.

Note: This tutorial introduces options to edit images. To learn about options for video, see Edit a Video.

Open Snagit Editor

  • Click the Open Editor button in the Capture window.
    Open Editor button
  • In the Notifications area, right-click the Snagit icon and select Open Snagit Editor (Windows only).
    Snagit icon in Notifications

Snagit Editor Overview

Snagit Editor
The Snagit Library stores your capture history, including images, video recordings, and animated GIFs created with Snagit. Find captures by date, source, tags, and more. See Introduction to Snagit Library.
Image from Template: Quickly create easy-to-follow visual guides for your team or customers. See Create Visual Guides with Templates.

Video from Images: Narrate and mark up a set of images to show a process or share information. See Turn Your Screenshots into a Video.
The canvas is the workspace to preview and edit captures.

Tips for working on the canvas:
  • Drag one of the handles on the edge of an image to create more working space on the canvas.
  • Save images with a transparent background. See Remove a Background.
  • Enable or disable canvas snapping to align objects and text boxes. Select Image > Canvas Snapping.
Click to select a tool to annotate, edit, and enhance image captures. Click More to access additional tools. See Snagit Tools.
Click Copy All to copy and paste the selected image or video into another application.

Click Share Link to upload a video or image to Screencast and copy a shareable link to your clipboard. See Share & Engage (Share Link).

Click the Share dropdown to share to a specific app or save to your computer or cloud location. See Share Captures.
Quick Styles
Apply or save custom-made styles. See Quickly Access Favorite Styles and Tools.

To hide or restore the Quick Styles and Properties panels, select View > Side Bar (Windows) or Sidebar (Mac).
Adjust properties such as color, font size, or shape to customize the selected tool. See Snagit Tools.
Click Effects to view available image effects, such as image border, torn edge, information about the capture, or color adjustment. See Add Effects.
Recent Captures Tray
The tray shows the recent image captures, video captures, and other files opened or edited in Snagit Editor. The thumbnail selected in the tray appears on the canvas in Snagit Editor.

Click Hide Recent or Show Recent (Windows) or Recent (Mac) to hide or show the recent captures tray.

See Recent Captures Tray.

Note: This tutorial is for Snagit version 2024. Previous versions may look or function differently.