Create the Illusion of 3D Perspective (Corner Pinning)

Learn how to pin and adjust a video, image, or text on background media to create the illusion of 3D perspective.

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  • Make it look like your video is running on a computer or mobile device screen
  • Place an image or text on a moving surface
  • Simulate text painted on an angled wall

Quickly integrate a video, image, or text with a background in Corner Pin mode. Use corner pinning to:

Before and after example of pinning a screen recording to an over-the-shoulder video of someone using a computer

Pin Media or Text

Complete the following to pin media or text to the canvas to integrate it with a background:

  1. Drag a video or image onto the timeline to use as the background media.
  2. Drag a video, image, or text from the Media Bin, Camtasia Assets, Library, or Annotations tab to a timeline track above the background media. This will be the foreground media.
  3. With the foreground media selected, click Corner Pin Mode in the canvas toolbar to enable corner pinning.
    Corner Pin Mode icon in the canvas toolbar
  4. On the canvas, drag a corner of the selected media to the desired position.
    Drag the corner of the media to the target location Magnified example of how to drag a corner to pin it
    Note: Camtasia automatically updates position, skew, rotation, and other properties in the Properties panel.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the remaining corner handles.


  • For precise pinning, use the magnification controls and Pan mode icon mode in the canvas toolbar to get a close-up view of corners. See Position Media on the Canvas.
  • Press Control while dragging corners to temporarily disable snapping.
  • Add animation to pinned objects to match them to the motion of background video. See Animations In-Depth.

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