Export & Share

Learn to export a project as a video file on your computer or share it to popular web destinations.


Export your video

Click the Export button to view all of the export options available in Camtasia. The first option exports the project as a video file on your computer. The following options export to web services, which require you to sign in to an account.

We recommend Screencast, for quick and free video sharing and Video Review, where you upload videos, then invite colleagues or friends to review them.

Export menu in Camtasia

Export a project as .zip file

When finished with a project, we highly recommend you export it as a zip file. This zips all of the media used in the project into one file, which means the next time you use the project, you have all of the original media.

Inside the zip file is the Camtasia project file, the screen recordings, and any other media used in the project.

Export as Zip file

How to use a zipped project

To use a zipped project, go to File > Import Zipped Project. This imports the zipped content into a new project.

Import zipped project