AI-Assisted Titles and Descriptions (Pro)

Learn how Screencast Pro users can use artificial intelligence (AI) to create titles and descriptions.

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With a Screencast Pro account, you can use AI to generate titles and descriptions for your videos to provide context for your audience.

  1. In the Screencast Library, click to select a video.
  2. Click the Edit Details button.
  3. The Edit Details dialog appears. If the video has not yet been transcribed and transcription is not in progress, click Transcribe Video.
    Transcribe Video in Edit Details dialog
  4. Click X or Cancel to close the dialog while Screencast transcribes the video.

    Note: Transcription may take several minutes depending on the length of the video.

  5. Click Edit Details to reopen the Edit Details dialog. If the video has been transcribed, click the Generate dropdown and select Title or Description.
    Generate options in the Edit Details dialog

    Note: It is not currently possible to generate both title and description at the same time. Click the Generate dropdown again to select the other option.

  6. The title or description appears in the Edit Details dialog.
    AI-generated title and description in the Edit Details dialog
  7. If desired, complete one of the following to edit the text:
    • Click to select and manually edit the text.
    • Click the Generate dropdown and select Title or Description again to create a different AI-generated title or description.
  8. Click Save.

Tip: Format descriptions with Markdown.

Screencast descriptions support some elements of Markdown, a lightweight markup language for formatting text. Use Markdown elements such as headings, bold or italicized text, and lists, to make long Screencast descriptions easier to read. For a quick reference to Markdown syntax, refer to the Markdown Cheat Sheet or other online markdown guides.