Add Video Chapters

Learn how to add a video table of contents that allows users to jump to content most relevant to them.

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Chapters highlight important sections in your video and provide viewers with links to jump to the content most relevant to them.

Auto-Generate Chapters (Screencast Pro)

Screencast Pro users can create an AI-generated table of contents based on the video transcript:

  1. In the Screencast Library, click to select a video.
  2. Click Edit Details.
  3. The Edit Details dialog appears. If the video has not yet been transcribed and transcription is not in progress, click Transcribe Video.
    Transcribe Video button in Edit Details dialog
  4. Click X or Cancel to close the dialog while Screencast transcribes the video.

    Note: Transcription may take several minutes depending on the length of the video.

  5. Click Edit Details to reopen the Edit Details dialog. If the video has been transcribed, click the Generate dropdown and select Chapters.
    Generate dropdown menu in Edit Detail dialog
  6. The AI-generated chapters appear in the Edit Details dialog.
    Chapters in the Edit Details dialog
  7. If desired, click the Generate dropdown and select Chapters again to create a different AI-generated table of contents.
  8. To edit chapters, see Edit or Manually Add Chapters.
  9. Click Save.

To view the chapters, click the Show Chapters icon Show Chapters icon in the video player or press T. The chapters appear along the left side of the video player. Click a chapter link to jump to that part of the video.
Chapters button and chapters displayed in Screencast video player

Edit or Manually Add Chapters

Complete the following to edit the auto-generated chapters (Screencast Pro) or to manually add your own chapters.

  1. Click Edit Details.
  2. The Edit Details dialog appears.
    Chapters in the Edit Details dialog
  3. Complete any of the following:
    • Add chapter: Click Add Chapter, then enter a time code and description.
    • Edit time code: Click a Time Code field and enter a time in the format mm:ss (or hh:mm:ss for videos longer than one hour). Time codes must be within the video duration.

      Note: The first time code must be 00:00.

    • Edit description: Click to edit a chapter description.
    • Delete chapter: Click the Remove Chapter button Remove Chapter icon.
  4. Click Save.