Add Captions in Screencast

Learn how to automatically generate and edit captions for videos uploaded to Screencast.

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In this tutorial:

Auto-Generate Captions (Screencast Pro)

For Screencast Pro accounts, captions are automatically generated based on the audio transcription for any videos uploaded to Screencast.

Screencast notifies you when the captions are available for your content.
captions published notification

Your viewers can click the CC button to view the closed captions.
Closed Captions button on video player

Note: To stop auto-generating captions for new video uploads, click Settings icon in the upper-right corner > Settings > turn off Generate captions after upload toggle.

Edit or Manually Add Captions

Complete the following to edit the auto-generated captions (Screencast Pro accounts) or to manually add your own captions.

  1. Open the media and select Accessibility tab > Edit or Add Caption track button.
    Edit button
  2. The Caption Editor opens. Click Play to review the captions or drag the timeline left or right to scrub through the video.
  3. Complete any of the following:
    • Click the caption box to edit text.
      Select caption
    • To delete a caption, click the Delete Caption button Delete Caption button.
    • To add a new caption, click the Add Caption button Add Caption button.
    • To split a caption, click the Split Caption button Split Caption button. For example, split captions if the duration or character count is longer than the ADA-recommendations.
    • Click the ADA tips button ADA button to view tips to make your captions compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
      ADA caption tips
  4. When you are done editing, click Publish.

The Accessibility tab indicates that captions were last modified by you.

Import a Caption File

  1. Open the media and select Accessibility tab > Add Caption track.
    Edit button
  2. The Add New Caption Track dialog appears. Select Custom and click the Create button.
  3. Click Import.
  4. Browse to select a caption file to import and click Open. Screencast supports .srt, .vtt, .ttml, .sbv, and .sami file types.

The caption file is added to your video. See Edit or Manually Add Captions to manually edit the captions in the video.