Use Templates to Create Visual Guides

Quickly create clean and professional looking visual guides with Snagit.


Create professional looking visual guides

Snagit’s templates make it easy to create professional looking visual guides. 
To use a template, click Create in the Snagit Editor and choose Image from Template.

Image from template option selected from the Create dropdown in the Snagit editor

Select images to use in your guide

If you’ve already selected your template layout, drag and drop images from your recent captures tray into template drop zones.

If you are just getting started select the images that you want in your guide from the recents tray. Press Control + Click (On Mac: Command + Click) to select images from the recent captures tray. Or hold Shift + Click to select a series of images.

Then click Create and choose Image from Template.

three images selected from the recent captures tray in the snagit editor

Choose a template

Select from different types of layouts.

Click the Download More Templates link to visit TechSmith Assets for Snagit where you’ll find more templates. Use filters to search between free or premium templates that require a subscription.

Urban 6 steps landscape template selected from the template options dialog window

Download Templates

When you locate the template you want to use, click the Snagit icon to download it directly into Snagit.
Click the Open in Snagit Editor button in the message prompt to view the template in Snagit.

Cursor over the Snagit icon to download the template and open it in Snagit

Add and Swap Sections

If you realize the steps in your guide are out of order simply click on a section and drag to swap it with another section.

To add another step to your guide, click on the blue plus icon and select from several section layouts.

Adjust your images

Images are scaled to fill each space. To adjust the zoom and position of an image, double click the drop zone, and resize and move the image as needed.

Share your guide

When your guide is complete, share it to your favorite destination, save it as a PDF or image file, or print it.

Snagit editor with the Share dropdown displayed