Download TechSmith Assets for Snagit

Learn how to download stamp, photo, and template assets for Snagit from

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Download assets for Snagit

To download an asset, navigate to and sign in with your TechSmith account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one before you start.

Once you’re signed in, hover over assets to preview them. When you find something you like, there are two ways to get it into Snagit. Click the Snagit icon to bring it directly into Snagit 2020 or click “Download File” to download it to your computer and import it into Snagit.

*Premium assets require a subscription to download.


download options from asset store to snagit

Folder Opening

Find a downloaded asset on your machine

If you choose to download an asset, find it on your computer by navigating to your downloads folder.

If you’re on a Mac, navigate to Finder, click Go, then Downloads. If you’re on Windows, navigate to This PC, then Downloads.


template image


Templates are used to create visual documentation, tutorials, and training materials through the Image from Template feature introduced in Snagit 2020.

After you download a template open the Snagit Editor. Click on the Create button and select Image from Template. This opens the template picker. Browse to locate your downloaded template.


Stamp Tool


Stamps from the asset store appear under the Stamp Tool and are organized into categories. 

For example, if you download a stamp from the interface category it will appear under the interface folder in Snagit.




Enhance your images in Snagit with royalty-free photographs. Browse the Snagit Asset Store and choose a photo. Select a download option.

To open a photo in Snagit, right-click on the photo file and select “Open with Snagit”.

The image will open in the Recent Captures Tray and is added to the Library.