Save Capture Settings (Presets)

Save time by creating a preset to automatically remember your capture settings.

Snagit presets icon.

Save time with presets

Presets are a great way to save a desired combination of capture settings (image or video), and then initiate a capture using those settings in a single click.

Capture Window with current settings saved as a preset.

List icon.

How to create a new preset

Open the capture window and set up your capture by selecting the capture type, the method of selection, desired effects, share destination and any other option. 

When everything is set, click the Add Preset dropdown and select New preset from current settings. A new preset is added to the saved presets list. Enter a name that will help you identify the capture settings and assign it a hotkey. 



Capture button with a cursor clicking it.

Using your presets

In the capture window, click Presets. Move the cursor over the preset and click the red button to start the capture. Or, use an assigned hotkey.

Clicking to use a preset in the Capture Window.