Save Capture Setting (Presets)

Save time by setting up a preset to automatically remember your capture settings.

Save disc icon.

Save your work

Use presets to remember your capture settings, or automatically apply an effect or send the capture directly to your desired destination. 

Capture Window with current settings saved as a preset.

List icon.

Select Capture Settings

Open the Capture Window and set up your capture, including your selection preferences, effects, and share destinations.

Choosing capture settings in the Capture Window.

Snagit preset icon.

Create a new preset

Click the Add Preset dropdown and select New preset from current settings. A new preset is added to the saved presets list. Enter a name that will help you identify the capture settings and assign it a hotkey.

Click New present from current settings option to create a preset.

Capture button with a cursor clicking it.

Start a capture

In the capture window, click the Presets button. Move the cursor over the preset and click the red button to start the capture. Or, use an assigned hotkey.

Clicking to use a preset in the Capture Window.