Share Your Media

Sharing your media means getting it where you need it, when you need it. The Share menu contains a number of places for you to quickly send your media.

Share icon

Share a screenshot, image, or video

Snagit makes it easy to quickly share a screenshot, image, or video. Click the Share button in the Snagit Editor to view image and video sharing options.

A cursor clicking the Share menu to display the available destinations.

Save disc icon.

Save a local file

To save your screen capture or video to your computer, choose the File option in the Share menu. This will allow you to choose a local file destination and file type.

If you added callouts or made other edits to your screenshot and want to be able to edit them later, choose to save your file as a .snag (Win) or .snagproj (Mac) file.

Cursor clicking the file option in the Share menu.

Icon for a hyperlink. A chain link.

Get a link to share

Snagit’s sharing options make it quick and easy to share your screenshots, images, and videos.

The easiest way to get a link to your media is to send it to Snagit uploads the image or video and returns a link that you can paste in any messaging service or email client.

Cursor clicking the option in the Share menu.

Single gear wheel icon.

Customize sharing options

If you find yourself using a particular sharing option often, add it to the editing toolbar for quick access. Click More > Customize Toolbar and then drag your favorite sharing destination to the toolbar.