Learn the Basics

Learn to record your voice, edit it like a text document and export the audio file with captions.


Record your voice

To start a recording, click the record button. Audiate captures everything you say, and as you speak, you'll see the words appear on screen. You might notice little mistakes here and there, don’t worry about them, just keep on talking.

To complete your recording, click the stop button.

click the red record button to start recording

Edit audio like it’s text

Click and drag to select the text you want to remove, then press delete on your keyboard to remove it.

Or if you’d rather silence audio instead, make a selection and click the silence button. Silenced audio appears white, which indicates it won’t play back as you preview and it won’t appear in the final audio file.

Easily remove mistakes and hesitations

Scattered throughout the narration are little dashes and dots. The dashes represent pauses or areas of silence and the dots represent ums and ahs, which we call hesitations.

To remove these hesitations or areas of silence, click to select them and press delete on your keyboard. Or, to remove all hesitations at once, go to Edit > Delete All Hesitations.

Perfect your editing

As you work in Audiate, fine tune your editing with the waveform editor. To open it, select a word and click this button, or click the waveform button at the bottom of the screen.

The waveform editor presents a precise view of the audio waveforms, where you can zoom in and out to get a better look.

Use the waveform editor button in the lower left corner to be more precise with editing

Export the audio with captions

When you’re completely finished editing, go to File > Export Audio. This exports the audio as a WAV file that’s ready to use in Camtasia or wherever you use voice narration.

To export the caption file to go along with it, choose Export Script.

click the file button then the export audio button to export the audio as a WAV file

Import audio

To take advantage of Audiate’s simple editing features with your current voice overs, choose Import Audio. Audiate transcribes the words and indicates areas of silence and hesitations so you can easily remove them.

to import audio to edit, click the file button then the import audio button