Getting Started in TechSmith Audiate

Learn how to transcribe your audio, quickly remove mistakes, and achieve studio-quality sound with effects.

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In this tutorial:

Audiate Overview

Audiate uses text-based audio editing to make it easy for anyone to edit audio and saves professionals tons of time.

  • Record or import audio and get an immediate transcription.
  • Quickly find mistakes and edit like a pro with text-based editing.
  • Polish with professional audio effects and waveform editing.

1. Transcribe Your Audio

Audiate transcribes audio into words and phrases that you can edit like any text document. It works with imported files, recordings made in Audiate, or audio synced from a Camtasia video project.

Tip: Select your target language.

For best results, make sure to set your target language. Select Settings > Language and select the language from the list.

See Record a Voice-Over or Edit Audio from Camtasia.

2. Edit Audio Narration and Mistakes

Clean up your narration to create smooth, professional clips.

  • Audiate automatically recognizes hesitations, such as “umms” or “ahhs” and pauses in speech. Use the Suggested Edits options to automatically apply the recommended edits to these hesitations and pauses.
    Suggested Edits dropdown with all options expanded
  • Scan your text to quickly find slip ups, repeated lines, or other unnecessary words or phrases. Then select and delete those sections of your audio track.
  • Every edit is non-destructive and can be restored to the original audio at any time.

See Edit Audio and Mistakes and Recommended Audio Edits.

3. Improve Audio with Effects

Achieve studio-quality sound in your Audiate projects with various professional audio effects. You can even save effect chains for repeated use across projects. See Improve Audio with Effects.

4. Export Your Audio

Export audio, script, or caption files to use in Camtasia or other applications. See Export Audio, Captions, or a Script from Audiate.

More Ways Audiate Can Help

By leveraging artificial intelligence, Audiate offers even more options for creating professional-quality audio:

  • Compose an original script from a simple prompt, or translate an existing script into another language. See Generate Script with AI.
  • Generate a voice narration track using a wide library of customizable text-to-speech voices. See Generate Audio from Text.

Tip: Turn on Audiate tutorial tips to learn more.

Click the icon to toggle the tutorial tips on or off in Audiate. These tips provide helpful guidance as you explore Audiate.

Tutorial Tips icon in the Audiate interface