Getting Started in TechSmith Audiate

Learn how to record a voice-over, remove mistakes, enhance audio with effects, and export the audio, script, and caption files.

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Download TechSmith Audiate to record and edit voice-overs. Create professional audio files to use in other applications.

1. Record Your Voice

Audiate automatically transcribes the words onto the screen as you record a voice-over or import an audio file. See Record a Voice-Over.

2. Edit Audio Narration and Mistakes

Clean up your narration to create smooth, professional voice clips.

  • Use text-based editing to quickly remove words or edit mistakes, such as “ums” or “ahs.”
  • Edit the transcription and correct words to export the text for a script or captions.

See Edit Audio and Mistakes.

3. Improve Audio with Effects

Enhance your voice recording with studio-quality effects in Audiate. See Improve Audio with Effects.

4. Export Audio

Export audio, script, or caption files to use in TechSmith Camtasia or other applications. See Export Audio, Captions, or a Script from Audiate.

Tip: Turn on Audiate tips to learn more.

Click the Tip icon icon to toggle the tutorial tips on or off in the application.