Enhance Your Video with Camtasia Assets

Learn how to take your video to the next level with our royalty-free online assets.

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Camtasia Assets Overview

Assets are now easier than ever to access and add to your projects. You can browse over 100 million professional, royalty-free video assets directly in Camtasia. Add polish to your video with photos, videos, audio, and customizable digital content, without ever leaving the editor. 

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If you are starting with a blank Camtasia project, browse our premade assets for inspiration, such as adding a title to introduce your video or a music track to set the tone.

Find Camtasia Assets

  1. To access the free and premium assets in Camtasia version 2023.3.0 or later, select Media tab > Camtasia Assets subtab.
    Camtasia Assets subtab displaying two free title assets

    Note: To learn how to download assets in previous version of Camtasia, see Download & Install TechSmith Assets (version 2023.2.0 and earlier) tutorial.

  2. Enter a search term into the Search field and press the Enter key.
    Search field on Camtasia Assets subtab
  3. The search results display the assets available for the keyword.
    Camtasia Assets search results
    To filter the search results by an asset type or by free assets, click the Search Filter dropdown and select a category.
    Filter dropdown
View the asset categories available in Camtasia
  • Customizable:
    • Titles: Capture the attention of your viewers with the perfect title animation. Easily add your logo, text, and colors to make it your own.
    • Motion Graphics: Get your point across with ease. Choose from hundreds of motion graphics, like lower thirds, callouts, animations, audio visualizers, and more to create powerful explainer and product videos.
  • Video:
    • Footage: Enhance your video projects with royalty-free footage. Explore millions of high-quality video clips that bring your stories to life.
    • Motion Backgrounds: Make your videos pop with animated, looping video backgrounds. Explore millions of royalty-free motion backgrounds.
    • Animations: These fun and expressive animations help you convey emotion, simplify complex ideas, and will delight your viewers.
    • Effects: Find the perfect effect to improve your next video. Video effects library of royalty-free, short clips with an alpha channel.
  • Audio:
    • Music: Find high-quality background music for videos. Explore royalty-free instrumental and vocal audio tracks in various moods, styles, and genres.
    • Sound Effects: Emphasize important content in your video with sound effects. Find the perfect royalty-free sound effect to accompany the action on screen.
  • Photos
  • Other Asset Types: Camtasia offers other types of downloadable assets for use in Camtasia that are not available from the Camtasia Assets subtab. You can browse more asset types from the Home window.
    • Templates: Create video faster than ever with drag and drop video templates you can customize in just a few clicks. See How to Use a Template.
    • Asset Packs: Themed video elements thoughtfully curated to help you accomplish your goals.
    • Themes: Customizable themes instantly make your video look more professional and polished with coordinated colors and fonts. No graphic design experience necessary! See Build Your Color Palette.
    • Device Frames: Quickly make any video look like it’s playing on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device screen. Establish context and add a level of professionalism to your videos with customizable device frames. See Provide Context with Device Frames.
    • Icons: Discover the perfect royalty-free illustrations and icons for your next video project.

Add Camtasia Assets to Your Video

To add an asset to your video, drag the asset from the Camtasia Assets subtab onto the desired location on the timeline or canvas.


Get tips on how to position media or assets.

See Position Media on Canvas or Explore the Timeline to get recommendations on how to position media on the canvas or timeline.