Upload Content to Screencast

Learn how to upload content from your computer or Snagit 2023 to your Screencast Library.


In this tutorial:

Upload from Snagit

Note: You must have Snagit version 2023 or later installed. Download the latest version of Snagit.

Record a video or capture anything on your screen with Snagit version 2023 or later. Enhance your captures in Snagit Editor to create visually-engaging content.

Click the Share Link button to copy a link to your clipboard to share with your audience.
Share link pasted into chat

Snagit uploads the content into your Screencast Library. To learn how to provide more context to engage your audience, such as updating the title, description, or starting a conversation, see Tips for Content Engagement.

Upload from Your Computer

  1. In a web browser, go to app.screencast.com and sign in.
  2. On the Library tab, click the Upload button.
    Upload button
  3. The Upload New Media dialog appears. Drag a file onto the dialog or click browse for file. Ctrl+click to select multiple files. See Support File Formats.
  4. A checkmark appears to indicate the content has been uploaded to your Screencast Library. Click the Close button.
    Upload Complete status

Supported File Formats

You can upload the following file formats into your Screencast Library:

  • Videos (MP4)
  • Screenshots (PNG, JPG, GIF)
File FormatSupported Video CodecsSupported Audio Codecs
MP4 (.mp4)AVC (H.264)ACC (ACC-LC, HE-ACC)
QuickTime (.mov)AVC (H.264)AAC (AAC-LC, HE-ACC)