Where’s My Screencast Media?

Learn how to access your content in the Screencast and Screencast Classic Libraries.

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If you do not see all of your content in your Screencast Library, you may have content located in both Screencast and Screencast Classic Libraries. Click the link in the banner message to quickly switch between the Screencast Libraries to locate your content.
New Screencast Library

Why do I have two Screencast Libraries?

Screencast is in the process of updating and improving our service. Over the next few months, Screencast Classic users will have the option to update and move their content onto the new Screencast site so that all content will be in one location.

To learn more about the updates and view FAQs about moving content, see the Screencast Update Guide.

Locate Media to Share

Do you want to access your previously shared content or copy the share link again? Complete one of the following to access your shared content:

Browse Your Screencast Library

  1. In a web browser, open app.screencast.com.
  2. Browse for the content in your Screencast Library. Click to open the desired content.
  3. The content opens. You can edit or access the share options for the content.

Open Snagit Share History

The Share History dialog shows your most recent captures shared from the Share Link button in Snagit.

  1. In Snagit, select the Share dropdown > Share History.
  2. The Share History dialog opens. Hover over the desired content and select one of the following:
    • Open Link: Opens the content in a web browser. You can edit or access the share options for the content.
    • Copy Link: Copies the URL onto your clipboard to paste into another application to share.

To learn more about sharing from Snagit to Screencast, see Share & Engage (Share Link).

Note: If you do not see the content in your history, open your Screencast Library to browse and view the shared content.