Transitions, Annotations & Behaviors

Learn to use transitions to perfect the flow of your video, annotations to point out key aspects, and behaviors to make it come alive.

Key Takeaways

0:22 - Timeline, canvas, and tracks explained

1:30 - Add and edit annotations

1:58 - Move media on the timeline

2:28 - Preview the timeline

2:38 - Add and edit transitions

3:10 - Add and edit behaviors

3:55 - Split clips

4:24 - Add media and behaviors directly to the canvas

5:48 - Customize behaviors

Getting Started Series

Record, edit, and share a video with this series of essential skills and techniques. Or, pick just the one you need to perfect your project.

Camtasia Behaviors

Get started with Camtasia Behaviors by watching the tutorial video and trying out the fun written tutorials.

Behaviors Tutorial

Learn the four things you need to know about Behaviors.

Create an Animated Title

Learn to create an animated title using Callouts and Behaviors.

Create an Animated Countdown

Create an animated countdown to start your video.

Create an Animated Scene

Learn to create a fun animated scene with Library assets, Callouts and Behaviors.

More Tools

A few resources to help you refine your videos.

PowerPoint Addin Toolbar

Record presentations in PowerPoint by using the Camtasia PowerPoint Addin Toolbar (Windows only)

Recording Your iOS Device

Record the screen of your iOS device with Camtasia (Mac only).

Where is it Now?

Find where all of your favorite tools and options have gone.

Hotkeys Mini Poster

Download this handy poster of common Camtasia hotkeys.

Camtasia Video Assets (Free)

Download and install free video assets to customize your Camtasia videos and screen recordings.

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