Customize Camtasia with Favorites and Presets

Customize your frequently used tools and effects then keep them in one place with presets and favorites.


Add Favorites

As you select various effects, behaviors, annotations, and transitions a star appears in the top right corner. Click the star to add them to your favorites.

Quickly Access Your Favorites

Once added, quickly access your favorites under the favorites tab. After you add a lot of favorites, click on the dropdown to narrow them down by type.

Create a Preset

As you work in Camtasia, use presets to save customized tools for future use. In the properties panel customize the color, outline, font or other elements. When you’re finished, click on the plus icon to save it as a preset.

Use Presets to Save Customized Tools

Presets are added to your tools and are ready for use without the need to customize them each time.

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