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How to Record a Presentation with Webcam, Narration, and More

Nearly 90 percent of people put “quite a bit” or “a huge amount” of effort into their presentations. And whether you’re...

projector with the light on

Nearly 90 percent of people put “quite a bit” or “a huge amount” of effort into their presentations.

And whether you’re creating a presentation to report data to your team or teach a course, recording your presentation offers a number of benefits.

You can record a presentation in real-time as you present, or do it in advance to leverage the flipped model or make your presentation available on-demand.

While there are a number of ways to record a presentation, I’ll give you my favorite way to record a high-quality presentation in PowerPoint with audio and video. And I’ll even give you my top five reasons why you should record your next presentation.

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How to record a presentation from PowerPoint with audio and webcam

Step 1: Set up your presentation video recording

There are a few different ways to record a presentation if you want it to feel professional and polished. First, you’ll need a screen recording and video editing tool. I’d recommend using Camtasia since it lets you record your voice over your slideshow all directly inside PowerPoint.

When you install Camtasia, you’ll have the option to include a PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar. The Camtasia Add-in Toolbar allows you to start, stop, and control your recordings right from within PowerPoint — avoiding the need to switch between applications.

screenshot showing the Camtasia add-in toolbar

Just open the presentation you want to record and locate the add-in toolbar under the Add-ins tab. If you don’t see the add-in toolbar, you may need to enable it. To do this, go to File > Options > Add-ins. Click on the Manage drop-down, select Disabled Items, then click Go. If the Camtasia Add-in is listed, select it, and click Enable.

Step 2: Customize your recording options

Now let’s walk through each of the options on the toolbar before we begin recording.

Screenshot showing the PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar

Record audio

If you’re planning to record audio, here’s where you select your microphone. The microphone button controls whether or not audio is recorded as part of your presentation.

When you enable it, you’ll be able to record voice narration using a microphone.

Be sure to speak into the mic to test it, and adjust the volume slider as needed. By leaving this box checked, any system audio that comes out of your speakers will also be captured and added to the Timeline.

Record webcam

If you have a webcam attached to your computer, you can also record camera video during the presentation. This video clip can then be used as a Picture-in-Picture clip, perfect for showing the presenter during the presentation.

Screenshot showing the webcam while recording a presentation with the Camtasia PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar

For further customization of your recording settings, click the Recording Options button. Other options include recording with a watermark, opening your recording in Camtasia when you’re finished, and selecting your video frame rate.

There are a few more options to further customize the video and audio settings but leaving everything at the default settings should work just fine.

The bottom of this window displays optional hotkeys to start, pause, and stop your PowerPoint recording. You can customize these to whatever you like, but be sure not to select hotkeys that are already being used by your system.

Click OK to close this window and save any changes made to the settings. You’re now ready to record your presentation.

Step 3: Record your Presentation

Finally, click the Record button in the toolbar to launch your slides into a presentation mode and start recording. When you exit presentation mode or reach the end of your slideshow, can either continue recording your screen or to stop and save your file.

You can also turn any presentation into a video by importing it into Camtasia.

How to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video

Another method is to create a video from your presentation is to import your PowerPoint slides into Camtasia. Then you can create your video in the editor.

The tutorial below walks you through the process.

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

Top 5 reasons to record your presentation

1. Practice makes perfect

children practicing soccer in a field

You’ve heard this your whole life, and it’s especially true when it comes to public speaking.

If you are someone who gets nervous talking in a group setting, recording a presentation is a great way to practice!

Record yourself, play it back and take notes, and then try it again, implementing your own feedback. Rinse and repeat until you’re feeling confident and comfortable.

2. Deliver a consistent message

Recording a presentation is a great way to ensure that you are delivering a consistent message to every audience member.

Imagine you need to share information with multiple teams across your organization. If you can deliver your message consistently by recording your presentation and sharing the same version with everyone, it will provide a shared understanding.

Bonus tip: try recording your presentation, providing time for your audience to view it, and then scheduling a meeting for follow up questions and discussion. This can make for a more engaging experience around the topic and one that’ll likely resonate more with your audience.

Plus, by providing everyone the option to view the presentation at a time that’s convenient for them, you’ve given them the flexibility to finish up a project or watch it in their downtime, rather than forcing them into a meeting.

3. Quick and simple way to re-purpose content

Is your PowerPoint deck full of information that would be beneficial to the public? Want to share it with the world? Re-purpose your content!

Start by recording the presentation. Next, transcribe the audio. There are affordable services that will do this for you. Rev.com is one good option. Once you have your transcript, post it on your blog! It may need a little cleanup, but the general sentiment shouldn’t need alteration.

If it makes sense to do so, you can even embed the presentation recording with the post as well, as a visual aid. This allows for consumption options–people can read or watch. Or they can consume it in both forms! Everyone wins.

4. Improved record keeping

Need to look back at your approach from Q2 as you continue your annual planning?

Recording a presentation allows you to maintain an archive.

Room full of archived documents

This is helpful in a couple of ways. If there are subject matter experts within your organization, you can capture their knowledge. And in the case of important staff meetings, such as the company’s 5-year business plan, recording the slide deck allows new hires to get up to speed quickly by viewing the content during their onboarding.

5. Now it’s a video!

It’s important to point out, since you may be thinking of your content as a presentation recording. Do you know what else it is? It’s a video!

GIF of a very excited person

And did you know that people actually perform better when information is presented as a visual or video? Our global research report shows that not only do people prefer information presented as visual content vs. text, but they actually perform tasks better and retain the information longer. You can check out the full report here.

If you aren’t creating video content yet, it’s time to start. And recording a presentation is an easy way to begin. You can even create PowerPoint slide decks with the sole intention of creating a video.

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Record your presentation today!

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