What’s New in Camtasia 2023

Learn about new features and improvements in Camtasia 2023 that simplify the process of making polished videos.

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Discover what’s new in Camtasia version 2023:

Batch Export Videos

The Batch Exporter helps you to:

  • Quickly export a series of videos across your Camtasia projects to repurpose the content to fit various platforms, video styles, or quality requirements.
  • Maintain productivity by running the export process in the background while you create or edit another project.
  • Save time and improve file management by editing the output location across the projects in the Batch Exporter.

    Batch Exporter dialog example queue

See Batch Export Videos.

Camtasia Rev

Camtasia Rev layout examples

Camtasia now offers an effortless video creation workflow, called Camtasia Rev, designed to help you make great content faster than ever. With just a few clicks, Rev enables you to seamlessly blend screen recordings, webcam footage, and audio into captivating videos. 

In Camtasia Rev, transform and personalize your recording by selecting options in the size, layout, background, effect, and filter tabs. From here, you can send the video to Camtasia Editor for further editing and enhancements or export it immediately.

See Build Your First Video.

Camtasia Asset Integration

Assets marketing graphic

Assets are now easier than ever to access and add to your projects! You can now browse over 20 million professional, royalty-free video assets directly in Camtasia. Add polish to your video with photos, videos, audio, and customizable digital content, without ever leaving the editor! 

See Enhance Your Video with Camtasia Assets.

Camtasia and Audiate Sync

Camtasia and Audiate sync graphic

Camtasia and Audiate now have improved syncing to help users edit video and enhance audio faster than ever.  Seamlessly switch between Audiate and Camtasia to edit your video like text. 

Audiate has also added the ability to automatically generate dynamic captions based on the audio transcription, so you can add exciting, bold captions to your videos. 

See Speed Up Editing with Audiate.

Audio Visualizers

Visualize your voice narration, music clips, sound effects, or any audio to transform static video into dynamic onscreen audio animations.

See 4 Ways to Visualize Audio.

Variable Speed Playback Shortcuts

Are you tired of spending endless hours scrubbing through footage, desperately searching for that perfect edit point? Watching clip after clip at a snail’s pace while time slips away? Well, get ready to break free from the chains of traditional video editing, because we’ve got something incredible for you: Variable Speed Playback, brought to you by the magical JKL keyboard shortcuts!

  • Press J to reverse the timeline playback at normal (1x), 2x, 4x, or 8x speed.
  • Press K to pause the timeline playback.
  • Press L to play the timeline forward at normal (1x), 2x, 4x, or 8x speed.

New Cursor Replacement Images

Cursor replacement demo image

Stand out from the crowd and put a smile of delight on your audience’s face with new Replace Cursor Image feature. Use our exclusive Neon and Hand Drawn cursor packs, or import your own images to use as cursors – like a company logo or avatar.

See Customize Your Cursor and Path.

Cursor Color Effect

Cursor Color demo image

The Cursor Color effect breathes new life into your cursors. Use bold color choices to grab your audience’s attention, or map the cursor colors to your brand with this simple drag and drop effect found in the Cursor Effects tab.

See Edit the Cursor with Effects.

Cursor Shadow Effect

Cursor Shadow Effect demo image

The Cursor Shadow effect allows you to dynamically adjust the Angle, Offset, Blur and Opacity of a cursor shadow. Add depth to your cursor, drawing it away from the screen, increasing contrast and making it stand out.

See Edit the Cursor with Effects.

Motion Path Effect

Motion path demo image

Apply the Motion Path Effect to easily animate any media along a path. Enable Auto Orient for realistic path-following rotation, and explore effect properties for fine control over easing and line types. Embrace the fun and creativity!

See Add Movement to Any Object (Motion Paths).

Vignette Effect

Vignette demo image

The new Vignette effect makes it easy to create a cinematic look that draws viewers attention to the center of your content. A number of simple adjustment options let you refine and shape the effect to achieve a polished result.

See Visual Effects Overview.

Camtasia Filters

Filters demo image

Give your content a cinematic color tone, a vintage feel, or a futuristic look with Camtasia Filters. Thirty-two unique color Filters (Color LUTs) can now be found under Filters in the Visual Effects tab.

See Edit Video Colors and Shading (Filters).

AI Background Removal

Background removal demo image

Don’t have the time, patience or money to set up a green screen? No problem–let the robots do the heavy lifting. Take any video and apply the Background Removal effect to make the background disappear instantly.

See Remove a Background from Your Video.

Corner Pinning

Corner pinning demo image

Use the new Corner Pin mode to map an image or video to a 3D perspective. It’s now super simple to make any content fit perfectly into a monitor, TV, phone, or any other scene.

See Create the Illusion of 3D Perspective (Corner Pinning).

Dynamic Background and Fills

Dynamic backgrounds demo image

Create high-end, gorgeous visuals without any hassle. Let the fun begin with fully customizable properties, giving you endless creative possibilities. Go beyond stock footage, and create dazzling backgrounds of your own in seconds. Click the Library tab and select the Dynamic Backgrounds folder to explore.

See Add a Dynamic Background.

New Asset Library

New assets demo image

The 2023 Camtasia Asset Library has been revamped from the bottom up with a ton of new assets. Camtasia’s powerful and flexible Quick Properties and Dynamic Properties make it easy to customize the assets to put your own personal spin on how your content looks.

See Customize Library Assets.

Discover Assets in Camtasia Home

Facing a deadline and need stunning results immediately? A collection of customizable titling, lower thirds, animations, motion graphics and more is available via our cloud based asset service. Our content team is working hard to surface the best free, premium, and featured assets for use in your next video. And now, it’s easier than ever to discover these assets in Camtasia Home just below Recent Projects.

New Templates

Looking for some inspiration? Need a beautiful layout to drop a title and a screenshot on? On the hunt for elegant framing that wraps around mobile and desktop screen content? Our new unstructured templates give you the perfect starting point without forcing a narrative structure that doesn’t fit your needs.

See How to Use a Template.

Lottie Color Quick Properties

Camtasia’s Lottie color support makes it easy to quickly customize slick animations to match your branded content. Quick Properties take this to the next level. Group any Lottie animation and color wells are automatically generated in the properties panel. The Quick Property Asset editor allows you to map Lottie colors to Theme colors making it incredibly easy to style elements from the Camtasia Asset Library and Asset Service.

See Create Custom Assets.

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