Import Zoom Recordings (Enterprise Only)

Automatically add your Zoom cloud recordings directly to your Knowmia Library.

3d Knowmia icon

Once the TechSmith Knowmia App for Zoom is installed by your Site Administrator, all Zoom cloud recorded meetings are automatically added to each user’s Knowmia Library.

Requirements: Email addresses in Zoom and TechSmith Knowmia need to match in order for Zoom recordings to be shared to the correct Knowmia Library.

Troubleshoot: Check with your Knowmia Site Administrator to make sure the Zoom App integration has been installed for your Knowmia Enterprise site.

  1. To turn on cloud recording, log in to your Zoom account and select Settings > Recording > toggle Cloud recording to ON.

    Zoom settings cloud recording toggled on
  2. When users record a Zoom meeting to the cloud, a Zoom Recordings folder is automatically created in the user’s Knowmia Library.

    Cloud Recording Zoom Folder
  3. Knowmia sends an email when the recording is available in the Knowmia Library.

    Email Notification
  4. That’s it! Users can edit, manage, and share the Zoom recording in Knowmia.