3 Ways Screenshots make your Microsoft Word Doc, PowerPoint, and Email Better

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When you hear the word ‘screenshot’ you probably don’t think ‘excitement.’ However, the recipient of your email, reader of your Microsoft Word document, or viewer of your PowerPoint presentation might find a screenshot or two a welcome change to the traditional – dare I say, boring – approach.

1. Use Fewer Words in Word Documents

Including step-by-step instructions complete with screenshots in your procedural or technical documentation can make a big difference. It breaks up the text, and can make your message even clearer by also showing what you’re trying to say.

Word Doc with Screenshot

2. Add Personality to PowerPoint Presentations

People often dread viewing PowerPoint Presentations. There’s nothing more boring than slides of words being read out loud.

Add visuals to your slides, like screenshots of data dashboards with arrows to call attention exactly where you want their focus.

Powerpoint with Screenshot

You can also include an animated GIF to add a touch of humor!

Animated Gif Slide

3. Add Excitement to Emails!

You can’t stop the emails, so why not at least try to make them more enjoyable?

When sharing industry news or articles, include a preview of what people are about to open or click on!

Email with Screenshot

Another example of how you can use screenshots in email is a new hire message. Include a map of where they sit, as well as a picture so people can say hi when they see them:

Email with Screenshot 2

These are just a few of our favorite uses for screenshots in documents, presentations, and emails. If you’re looking for more screen capture inspiration, check out 5 tips for better screen captures and More ways to use screen capture: 9 ways screen capture will make life easier.

What are your favorite ways to use screen captures? Let us know on the socials!

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