5 Ways to Use Screencasting at Work

Screencasting at work? Why, of course! Screencasting and screen recording give you the ability to demonstrate a process, personalize communication, and archive important information. Plus, video usage in the workplace is on the rise. That’s what makes now the perfect time to dive in. And lucky for you, we’ve pulled together a list of ways you can start using video today. So, let’s get to it!

5 Ways to Use Screencasting at Work

1. Record Live Streaming Video, Like a Company Meeting

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for companies to have employees dispersed throughout the world or working remotely. That’s why live-streaming video is being used in the office more and more. Live-streaming a company meeting makes it more accessible, but streaming alone doesn’t ensure that everyone in your company will be able to attend the meeting. By recording the live video, you’ll have it available to share with colleagues who were unavailable or otherwise unable to attend the meeting. Also, you or anyone else can go back and reference the details of the meeting at any time. This is something we do all the time here at TechSmith.

If recording live streaming video sounds scary, I promise it’s not. Here’s a great post that walks you through how to easily record live streaming video.

2. Record Skype or Google Hangout Video Calls

Interviewing customers or subject matter experts makes for great video content. But with time, distance, and budget constraints, it can be nearly impossible to visit everyone in person. Technology like Skype and Google Hangouts solve this problem, allowing you to get in touch with anyone, anywhere. Conduct and record interviews in video calls and then bring the recordings into the videos you create.
Record Skype and Google Hangouts
Not sure how to record Skype or Google Hangouts? It’s easy-peasy. Learn how to record Skype and Google Hangout Video Calls.

3. Create a Quick How-to Training Video

It makes sense that words alone aren’t always the best way to show someone how to do something. Recording your screen and sharing a video with colleagues is typically a better technique that allows you to demonstrate exactly how to perform a task. Want to show someone how to log in to the new company system? Or give a quick rundown of how you created a mock-up for the web team? Use Snagit to record your screen as you walk through the process. Here’s how!
How to Record Your Screen in Snagit

The best part about recording your computer screen and turning it into a quick video? You won’t need to write a lengthy email or repeat yourself. If your trainee forgets any steps, they can reference the video at any time to get a refresher. And if anyone else asks you to explain the same process, you can simply send them the video you’ve already created.

4. Send Customized Sales Videos

It’s easier to be personable in a video than through an email or over the phone. Video allows you to showcase your personality, letting the customer see you and your body language. This will help you gain trust and build stronger relationships. Furthermore, instead of trying to coordinate a phone call, video allows you to communicate with someone when it’s most convenient for them. And best of all, screen recording can help you close more sales.

Take Chad Riddersen, owner of Deviate Labs. He was able to improve his close rate from 33 percent to 50 percent when he started adding quick Snagit videos to his outbound proposals.
Chad Riddersen, owner of Deviate Labs

5. On-board New Hires and Retain Knowledge

When people leave companies for new opportunities or to retire, there’s often a knowledge void. This is especially true if the departing employees were experts on certain tasks or procedures. A great way to retain this knowledge is to have them record their computer screen as they walk through the steps. By having experts capture their workflows, you ensure that best practices or important information are not lost. These videos are extremely valuable when onboarding new hires.

If you’re looking for inspiration, see how Virgin Media is using video to retain knowledge at their company.
Virgin Media
Now that we’ve covered several ways to use screen recording in the workplace, I hope you’re feeling inspired! Download a free trial of Snagit to get started. Already using screen recording at work? Tell us how.

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