25 Little-Known Snagit Features That Will Save You So Much Time

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Sometimes information is too difficult to explain using words only. So, we tend to lean on images to do the talking. Screenshots, or screen recordings, have become a handy tool for personal and workplace communication. 

Screen capture and recording software, like Snagit, is especially useful when you want to take precise, editable, and easily shareable screenshots. Snagit has so many easy-to-use features, we don’t blame you if there are a few you haven’t tried yet.

Let’s dive into 25 little-known Snagit features that will change the way you work.

Quick capture functions

Create keyboard shortcuts for go-to captures

Make screen capture speedy! Capture presets and keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly take screenshots with fewer keyboard clicks. Quickly share a funny meme with your coworkers, a basic error message to IT, or project analytics with your team. 

Keyboard shortcuts are also great for capturing a dropdown menu. Simply keep your cursor on the dropdown menu and use your keyboard to snag a screenshot. The uses for quick screenshots are truly endless.

With Snagit, you can set keyboard shortcuts that reflect a more specific capture. For example, a keyboard shortcut can capture only a specific window, a full-scrolling webpage, or your fullscreen depending on what you need. 

Create one, or thirty: you can set multiple shortcuts for each type of capture you would like to take. For a basic capture, try  “Shift-Command-C” or “Control + Shift + C” for Capture! Hotkeys are also a fast and convenient way to capture your screen. So, go on and set your shortcuts. It’s all up to you.

Image of Snagit software with three presets for different captures.

Use crosshairs for added precision

Whether you’re using Crosshairs to share a data table, or zone in on a specific detail, they allow for a super precise screenshot, every time. 

Simply drag your mouse to select the area you want to capture and click to release. If you want to be even more precise, you can adjust individual pixels up and down, right and left until your screenshot is perfectly resized. Simply select the area you want to capture, and use your keyboard arrows to move over the capture dimensions, pixel by pixel. 

Image of a screenshot that is being taken using precise crosshairs with Snagit

Use exact dimensions for the perfect capture

Need an exact 1080 by 1080 for your Instagram? Stop guessing on the capture dimensions by only using crosshairs. Instead, set the exact capture dimensions to fit whatever size frame you need. 

This ensures that your captures fit a certain size perfectly. No more weird gaps or awkward zoom-ins when you use this feature. In your Snagit presets, set up a fixed region with width and height requirements so your captures are always that size.

Image of exact dimensions menu that is customized to fix the capture needed.

Not only does this feature come in handy for social media posts, but if you’re watching a video and need screenshots during the video, you can set it up and keep conformity in your captures. This feature is repeatable and scalable if you need to make tiny adjustments down the road, so there’s no need to rethink your capture every time. 

Easily display capture information by adding it to your screenshot

Directly add capture information to your screenshots so everyone can view the details, such as the application name and version, of your capture. 

Are you sending an error message to IT or technical support? Help them do their magic by adding in information system information. 

Or are you altering a document over and over again? Keep new (and old) versions of your project organized by adding in the time and date of capture right to your screenshot!

Image of Snagit menu that shows the capture informationn that can be added to any screenshot

By displaying capture information, viewers can find the capture date, URL, and more without having to dig through the capture settings. It’s convenient and informative for everyone.

Customize your camera video to fit your recording

If you want your face to appear in a circle, a square, or any other shape, we have the tool for you. Customize the size, shape, and location of your camera recording to best fit your video. While recording, move and resize your camera video so you don’t cover up any information.

GIF of a camera changing shapes to fit the woman's video needs best.

Messy background? Show less of it by choosing a circle that only shows your face. Not only will you have the viewer’s attention where you want it to be, but you can also really show off that good hair day. 

Screenshot an entire webpage with scrolling capture

Gone are the days of haphazardly stitching together multiple screenshots to create a complete picture. 

With scrolling capture, you can scroll as far as you’d like and capture everything in one screenshot. Capture a full webpage, long instructions, and full comment sections on your socials. Plus, scrolling capture works in all directions. Go from top to bottom and left to right, or vice-versa. 

Choose between automatic scrolling and manual, but be careful–automatic scrolling only works when you snap to a window. Use manual scrolling for a clearer picture if not snapped to a window. 

It’s efficient, convenient, and automatically rendered for you, so there is no work on your part. Besides a scroll or two.

Tip: If you’re using a non-automatic scrolling capture, avoid the scroll bar and scroll slowly to ensure your screenshot renders correctly.

GIF of Snagit taking a full webpage scrolling capture and rendering it into one image.

Create a video from images and add clarity to complicated captures

Why stop at images? Create a video from your screen captures, and record your camera and audio to explain information easily. Snap your screenshot, annotate all important parts, and then talk about the information in a quick video. It’s easy and lessens the pressure of presenting a screenshot directly. 

Instead of copy-pasting images into a PowerPoint slide deck, directly present with your screenshots for a time-saving hack. 

Image of someone starting a video recording on a pre-existing screenshot.

Complicated screen captures can be hard to decipher with just words, so recording a quick explanation can add much-needed clarity. 

 Tip: You can turn your camera and audio on/off to fit your video’s needs best.

Edit your heart out

From JPEG TO PDF, batch convert images for a time-saving trick

Need to add a watermark to a lot of pictures? Or maybe edit a certain filter in? Instead of wasting time by editing each picture individually, batch convert your images all at once. In no time, you’ll have identical edits on every picture you select.

Not only that, but you can convert all of your file formats, apply a new naming convention, and save a group of images to a new file location. Just select your group of images, and use the Batch Export Wizard to apply the new edits to your files.

The Batch Export wizard allows you to edit multiple files to:

  • Convert files into another file format.
  • Apply the same effect(s) to multiple files.
  • Save a group of images to a new file location.
  • Apply a naming convention to a set of files.

Save yourself some time with this handy feature!

Zoom in on important details with the Magnify tool

Always ensure that your viewer’s attention is where you need it with the Magnify tool. Zoom in on the important details and call out any areas easily. 

This tool gets in on the details without distorting your image with a full zoom. Just click, and boom, it’s done. Plus, you can change the color of the magnifying frame to make the information pop!

Image of magnified areas being blown up and put aside to show more details in the icons.

Tip: You can move and resize the magnified area around your screenshot. Don’t worry about it covering up any important information and offset it instead! 

Delete (or fill in) your background for clearer captures

Sometimes, we need to include logos and icons in our PowerPoint presentations, but they have a pesky background that messes up the clean look of your presentation. Sound familiar?

By deleting a busy background, you can make sure that those backgrounds are neat and visually appealing every time. After deleting, add in a neutral color that matches your theme, or leave it transparent, whichever fits your content best. Rest assured that none of your presentations will look messy ever again!

Keep your go-to tools handy with a customizable toolbar

Do you find yourself using a few tools more than the rest? Keep them on hand by customizing your toolbar to fit your needs. With the click of your mouse, you can easily access your favorite tools for a faster, more convenient editing experience.

You can customize these four categories:

  • Drawing tools
  • Menu items
  • Share destinations
  • Effects
GIF of the toolbar in Snagit being edited to fit the user's needs best.

Editing, sharing, and organizing your captures has never been easier!

Keep information safe with the Blur Tool

Sometimes our screenshots contain sensitive, or maybe just distracting, information. Prevent any security mishaps from happening with the Blur Tool. Just click and drag over any areas you’d like to hide from your viewers and keep your information safe. 

Try out different blur styles, like pixelate, to switch up the look of the effect and change the intensity for a blur that fits your capture every time. 

Image of s log on portal with information blurred out.

Edit captured text for easy copy changes

With Snagit, you can copy, edit, and delete text captured in your screenshot. 

Under Smart Move, you can edit text directly on your screenshot. Just click, switch, and save some new copy. Snagit will even match the font as best as it can! 

You can also access this feature under the selection tool. Right-click and select “edit text” to get started!

Easily edit out unnecessary text, fill out templates, and mock up potential edits with this nifty tool. 

Tip: Want to edit some text in another document or export it to your team directly? Right-click the text you want to export, click grab text, and watch as your screenshotted copy is extracted into its own box. Then, copy and paste anywhere.

GIF of text being grabbed and exported into text that can be copy and pasted into another document.

Delete selected areas to organize your screenshot

Select certain areas and delete them to organize and optimize your screenshot. Anything can be removed with this tool. Remove one small element for clarity, or delete the majority of your document to show new possibilities, it’s up to you. 

Delete your personal email from a template, remove user information from log-in portals, and customize your screenshots for different audiences. 

GIF of a selection on a screenshot being deleted seamlessly.

After you delete an area, the deleted background will automatically render to best match the surrounding image, so you don’t have to fill it in yourself. You can go in and fine-tune the background anyway because we know you want it to be perfect.

Declutter your screenshots with Simplify

Get rid of distractions by simplifying text and images. This feature saves your team time trying to decipher what’s important by designing a friendly user interface that creates a focus on what’s important.

There are different, fun options like cursors, profile pictures, thumbnails, and more, so you can simplify as much, or as little, as you want. Whether your screenshot needs a whole revamp, or you need a quick adjustment for a presentation, this is the tool for you.

Screenshot that has information simplified.

The Simplify tool creates shapes and placeholders that match the main colors of your screenshot automatically! Access it under Quick Styles and Tool Properties to customize your color palette. Create cleaner, neater screenshots and focus attention where it needs to be. 

Tip: No time? No problem! Auto-simplify detects the clutter and does it for you!

Move specific elements to rearrange information

Select and move elements with the Smart Move tool. Reorder confusing instructions, show alternatives to project designs, and easily correct mistakes. With this tool, your screenshot’s possibilities become endless. 

And don’t worry about your background, Snagit will autofill the area you’re moving elements from to its best match so there are no messy and awkward spots.

GIF of items being moved in a screenshot to rearrange the information.

Delete, resize, or move your cursor

Did you accidentally capture your cursor in your screenshot? No worries! With this tool, you can easily delete the cursor from your image. Snagit knows what’s hiding in the layer underneath, so you don’t have to worry about it altering your background. 

Hover over the captured cursor and watch as it becomes clickable so you can move, resize, or delete it altogether. 

You can also go the opposite route and make your cursor stand out. Make it bigger to capture attention and move it around so it shows up exactly where you need it. Tutorials and “how-to” instructions just got a whole lot easier. 

Make your information eye-catching with a spotlight (Mac)

Highlight (literally) the most important part of your screenshot for an eye-catching look. Use a spotlight and put your information on stage for everyone to see clearly, without the hassle of distractions.

Choose from pre-made shapes, or create your own so you can highlight only what you need. 

Image of a textbox being highlighted using the spotlight tool with the background being darker and blurry.

Then, blur the background and change the opacity so that only the information you want to show off is on display.

Point out key information with customizable stamps

A must-have tool for anyone’s editing needs. Easily point out critical information with arrows, and explain specific areas with customizable callouts. There’s even a cursor stamp to show off specific clicks! 

The Stamp Tool is boundless and will support any message you convey in your screenshots. Quick visual feedback is easy when you stamp a green checkmark or a red X on your team’s projects. 

GIF of stamps being used in a screenshot to give a document a stamp of approval.

Tip: make your captures fun with emojis!

Spruce up your captures with the effects panel

Quick, small edits can change your capture’s effectiveness and make it visually appealing for your viewers. Sometimes a small change, such as adding a grayscale filter, will aid comprehension by conveying complex information in a digestible way–free from distractions.

Image of a border added around a screenshot about Sea Otters.

Edits are easily accessible in Snagit’s Effects panel. Quickly add a Border, add a Watermark, adjust colors, and more! These small changes can really make a world of difference. 

Add numbered steps to show processes

Instructions can be confusing, but they don’t have to be when you add numbered steps

Effortlessly add clarity to onboarding documents, explain new processes efficiently, and simplify tutorials with this handy tool. 

Snagit’s Step Tool allows you to pick the shape, color, and position of the step tool so that it fits your document perfectly! You can even save it as a quick style for future uses. 

1, 2, 3, (or a,b,c) and done!

A screenshot with step tools used to show a process of making a user manual.

Tip: Need multiple step counts? Click the refresh button to reset the number to 1.

Multi-tail callouts add information to (you guessed it) multiple areas

Are you ever looking over your coworker’s project and need to point out the same mistake over and over again? Stop cluttering up their project and use Extra-Tail Callouts to add the same comment to multiple areas.

Customize your callouts to match your document’s colors, and add in new tails by dragging the blue dot or right-clicking on the callout. It’s that simple.

So whether you need this tool to make quick comments, edits, or connect ideas together, you can ease your coworker’s comprehension and make it a quick process instead.

Screenshot with multi-tail callouts being used to show off different types of otters.

Store & Share

Never lose a screenshot with smart library filters

Don’t remember where you filed that one screenshot? Or is your desktop full of years and years’ worth of random screenshots? Don’t worry! Snagit keeps your files organized for you in its Library. 

Depending on which website URL, application, or even month you screenshot, Snagit automatically keeps a folder of all captures. All you have to do is remember where you screenshotted and go to the appropriate folder–it’s that easy. 

Image of Snagit's library with different classifications that store screenshots in multiple places.

Tip: Add tags to your content for a personalized filing system. (See below)

Tag content for later recall in the library

Use personalized tags to keep your content organized. Just select the captures you’d like to tag and create a unique category name. Find content faster and easier by creating the filing system that works for you.

Did you find a picture you like while browsing the internet? Snag a quick screenshot and use tags to make Pinterest-inspired mood boards! The possibilities are truly endless. 

Image of tagged contents in Snagit to keep information organized.

Let’s be real, half of the time you send an email, you forget to add the attachment. Then comes the awkward follow-up email with a single file. Forget the embarrassment and share your screenshots with a link. 

At the click of a button, a unique URL will be copied to your clipboard, making it easy to share your link with Screencast. Just paste it into an email and watch as the link to your screenshot appears. No messy uploading is needed. Your Snagit content will be stored in your Screencast library, making it easy to access, review, and share with anyone, even if they don’t use Screencast themselves. 

Remember: After clicking the Share Link button, don’t expect your content to be downloaded to your computer! By pasting the link into an email, Slack, etc. you will be able to send it to anyone. No downloads and uploads are needed. 

Image of a screenshot being shared through Screencast using the share link button.