Add Capture Information to Your Image

Learn how to automatically add information to your screenshots like the operating system, version, or build number of the application shown.


The Capture Information effect

If you regularly need to include information about your screenshots, like the operating system, application, version, or build number, you can save time with Snagit’s Capture Info effect.

Apply the Capture Info Effect to images in Snagit Editor, or, to save even more time, create a capture preset to automatically add the information to your screenshots.

An arrow pointing to the Capture Info  on the image

Automatically add capture information

Speed things up by having Snagit add capture information when a screenshot is taken. This eliminates the task of adding the effect in Snagit Editor.

Before you capture, select the Image Tab in the Capture Window. Then, from the Effects dropdown, choose Capture Info. Choose any other desired settings and then complete the capture.

The Snagit capture window with the cursor hovering over the Capture Info button from the effects dropdown menu

Create a capture info preset

If you often include Capture Information, create a preset so it takes just one click or keystroke to start a capture.

To create a preset, open the Snagit Capture Window, go to the Image Tab, and choose a Selection type. Region capture is a flexible choice that lets you select parts of your screen or capture the whole thing.

Under Effects, select Capture Info. 

Save these settings as a preset by clicking on the plus button, and selecting New preset from current settings.

Name your preset and assign it a hotkey.

Use your new preset

Initiate a capture with the new preset by pressing the assigned hotkey, or by expanding the preset panel and clicking the capture button next to your preset. 

The Snagit Presets list