3 Reasons to Start Using Video in Your Business

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One of the main selling points for inWhatLanguage is our office culture. We have a mannequin named Milton as our mascot, a basketball hoop out back, a popcorn maker in the kitchen, and we wear bright green pants. Not your typical boring translation agency, right? But the struggle is communicating our fun company culture to potential clients and partners.

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This is when we were introduced to TechSmith Snagit. Snagit allows our B2B agency to record personalized introduction videos to new prospects, train global staff through its screen recording capabilities, and spruce up our marketing by recording customized demo videos. Now we use videos in almost every aspect of our day-to-day operations. Allow me to dive deeper into three dynamic reasons your company should implement videos to connect with your audience and engage with people on a more intimate level.

1. Videos Will Help You Sell

Many people feel uncomfortable making major purchases without any human interaction; but people also don’t want to be smothered by an overbearing and aggressive salesman. It’s a delicate balance, but it can be achieved. When your sales team utilizes videos as part of their overall strategy, potential clients will feel more inclined to work with you.

At inWhatLanguage, we use personalized videos to introduce ourselves to everyone that requests a quote for translation services. It’s very disarming when your potential customers can put a face with the name and see your personality. They feel like they are getting to know you without actually having to talk with you, thus achieving that delicate balance we discussed earlier.

It’s time to evolve your sales process. Impersonal, stereotypical introduction emails and intrusive phone calls are a thing of the past in the age of video interactions.

Our sales team uses video interactions to develop and maintain relationships. Videos allow us to treat clients as human beings, instead of treating them as dollar signs or paychecks. Because of these relationships, your sales team will actually save time and increase overall revenue.

I cannot tell you how many times our sales team has avoided unnecessary and time-consuming meetings with clients because of short explainer videos. Have you ever been in a boring meeting wondering why the information wasn’t just sent out in an email instead? We’ve all been there.

A brief explainer video will help the client understand everything you could’ve covered in a meeting and they can reference the video later on if they need a reminder.

2. Use Videos To Train Employees and Increase Productivity

We use a network of professional linguists from all over the world to help us localize content for more accurate and consistent translations. All of our linguists use our translation management platform called UNIFY, which is a technology our developers created.

As you can imagine, training thousands of linguists across the world on a new technology platform presented a unique challenge. We received many of the same questions about how to use the platform and it forced our project managers away from other critical tasks. Even with a written manual and UNIFY support on the website, this problem persisted.

Our sales team noticed our project managers struggling with this issue and recommended TechSmith as a solution. Now our project managers only need to create one video with screen sharing to train our linguists. Every time a problem comes up or a new feature is created, they can create a video and send it to our entire database of linguists and avoid tedious emails.

Even if a new linguist is hired and has questions, we can access the videos we’ve created in the past and easily send it to the new employee.

If you feel like people within your organization are explaining themselves over and over again… training videos will eliminate the process all together and help you increase productivity.

3. Videos Make Marketing Fun and Effective

inwhatlanguage mannequinEarlier, I mentioned the challenge of communicating our company culture to the world as a marketing team. Our goal is to stand out from all the other translation agencies and eradicate the stigma that B2B companies are boring.

We’ve taken advantage of TechSmith to increase our effectiveness when we launch our account-based marketing strategies.

When we’re searching for potential clients to partner with, we work hard to make our pitch feel personal. We research companies we want to work with and use videos to show them why we’d mesh well together. We’ll introduce ourselves and share our screen to show that we’ve researched their website or other content and explain how they can use our technology to access new markets. It’s personal and authentic.

We’ve noticed that people generally respond more positively when they feel like they’re being treated as an individual, instead of a nameless blur within a mass email campaign.

How Will You Implement Videos?

I’ve simply explained how our company has benefitted from videos we’ve created with TechSmith Snagit, but every company is unique. How are you going to implement videos into your organization? Will you interact with people on social media? Improve your email marketing strategy? Or perhaps even use some of the same ideas I’ve shared today?
Using videos in a company setting has made all jobs within our company easier and more enjoyable. What have you got to lose?

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Seth Craven

Seth Craven – Marketing Coordinator at inWhatLanguage

Avid binge watcher of the Walking Dead and Stranger Things when he’s not playing basketball at work.

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