Why Your Tech Support Team Should be Using Screen Capture

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Nobody contacts tech support when things are going well. If everything works perfectly and there are no problems, there’s no need for assistance.

In many cases, the standard response to a tech support request might be to type out the steps needed to resolve a customer’s issue. However, the more complex the instructions, the more difficult it can be to write a response that is easy to understand and follow. Luckily, there’s a better way.

Screen capture can provide an easy-to-understand and often much faster way to provide that information. Below are three reasons why your tech support team should be using screen capture to provide customer support.

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1. Save time

For most people, contacting tech support is the last resort to fix an issue. This means they have already invested time, and the faster the resolution, the better. Nobody wants to sit on the phone or reply to an email to ask “Where do I find that button?” or “What am I looking for, again?”

Prevent additional frustration for your customer by helping them fix their problem quickly. Using a screenshot saves time on both sides. It’s faster for the tech support agent to mark up a screenshot than to type a long email. It also saves the customer time by providing an easy-to-follow response. TechSmith’s tech support team uses Snagit to create screenshots, screencasts, and even an occasional GIF.

screenshot showing email instructions next to instructions using a screen capture with some added text and numbered steps

2. Eliminate confusion

When you show instead of tell, instructions are much more clear. Prevent back-and-forth emails and follow-up questions. Using visuals allows you to boil down your communication to what’s essential. Plus, according to research, people following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.

screenshot with click here instructions

3. Overcome language barriers

If your organization serves customers across multiple cultures and languages, effective communication can be even more challenging. While Google Translate is a fantastic resource, incorporating images into your tech support correspondence makes it easier to get the point across quickly and effectively. There is less risk of losing meaning in translation.

Screen capture showing where to click

As an added bonus, if you are using Snagit to create visuals for something a bit more permanent—say, a knowledge base article, as opposed to a disposable email—you can easily create a localized version of your screenshot. Simply upload the translated text into Snagit, and easily create a new set of localized screenshots using the translation workflow feature.

Summing it up

Using a screen capture tool to help with tech support is a great way to quickly and effectively provide assistance and ensure customer satisfaction. Are you currently using screen capture to support your customers, or planning to start soon? We’d love to hear about your past experience or future plans. Leave us a comment or send us a tweet on Facebook or Twitter.

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