3 Reasons Your Tech Support Team Should Use Screen Capture

Nobody contacts tech support when everything is going well. If all is working perfectly and there are no problems, there’s typically no need for assistance.

In many cases, the standard response to a tech support request might be to type out the steps needed to resolve a customer or colleague’s issue. However, the more complex the instructions, the more difficult it can be to write a response that’s easy to understand and follow. 

Luckily, there’s a better way.

Screen capture can provide an easy-to-understand and often much faster way to convey that information. Let’s take a look at three reasons your tech support team should use screen capture to provide customer support.

1. Save time

Most people contact tech support as a last resort. They’ve already invested time in trying to resolve their problem, and the faster the resolution, the better. Nobody wants to sit on the phone or reply to an email to ask, “Where do I find that button?” or, “Can you remind me what I’m looking for?”

Instead, providing visual instructions can help prevent further frustration by helping your customer fix their problem quickly. And it’s not just faster and better for the customer! A tech support agent will save a significant amount of time by marking up a screenshot rather than typing a long email, and it saves the customer time by providing an easy-to-follow response. TechSmith’s tech support team uses Snagit to create screenshots, screencasts, and even an occasional GIF to show a process.

An email explanation with text only versus a screenshot with markup

2. Eliminate confusion

When you show instead of tell, instructions are much more clear, which can prevent a lot of back-and-forth emails and follow-up questions. Visuals allow you to boil down your communication to what’s essential. Plus, according to research, people following directions with text and illustrations do 32% better than people following directions without illustrations.

3. Overcome language barriers

If your organization serves customers across multiple languages and cultures, effective communication can be even more challenging. While Google Translate is a good starting point for translingual communication, incorporating images into your tech support correspondence makes it easier to get the point across quickly and effectively — often with no text necessary. There is less risk of information getting lost in translation when you use a screenshot.

As an added bonus, if you use Snagit to create visuals for something a bit more permanent — like a knowledge base article as opposed to an email — you can easily create a localized version of your screenshot. Simply upload the translated text into Snagit, and easily create a new set of localized screenshots using the translation workflow feature.

You can also use Snagit’s simplify feature to create simplified user interface, or SUI, graphics to help break things down for those requesting support.

Bonus: Make a screen recording

While screen captures with markup can be great resources for tech support, a screen recording can be even better. Record a short video of yourself walking through the steps in real time, and narrate what you’re doing. That way, customers and coworkers can follow along step-by-step. For a great resource on how to make a screen recording, check out this blog post or the video below.

Summing it up

Using a screen capture tool to help with tech support is a great way to quickly and effectively provide assistance and ensure customer satisfaction. You’ll be able to prevent tons of wasted time and frustration for all parties involved, and customers will remember and appreciate your efforts!

Are you looking to start using screen capture to support your technical support team and customers? Download a free trial of Snagit and get started today!

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Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to have video experience to make helpful screen recordings?

Not at all! Snagit makes it easy to create explainer videos regardless of your video experience. Plus, Snagit offers a large library of tutorials that can help you out if you get stuck.

How do I know if it’s better to create an image or a video?

It’s up to you, but you want to make your content as easy as possible for the recipient to understand. If what you’re explaining is a bit of a longer or more complicated process, then a video walkthrough might be a lot easier to understand than a marked-up screenshot.

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