Using the Translation Workflow

In this tutorial, learn how to save time and money when you batch export text callouts and annotations for translation. 

Snagit translate icon.

Snagit’s translation workflow

Snagit’s translation workflow streamlines the process of adding translated text to images and screenshots. With Snagit, you can extract text from image annotations into an XLIFF file (.xlf), and then import translated text back into Snagit.

Cursor clicking the Translate button in the Snagit Library.

XLIFF file icon.

Select files and export an XLIFF file

After adding text and callouts to your images, save each as a .snag (Windows) or .snagproj (Mac). Then, open the Library, and select all of the files. Press and hold Control on Windows or Command on Mac and click to select multiple files.

Once all of the files are selected, click Translate. Name the XLIFF file, select a destination for your project, and click Extract.


Capital A text icon.

Add translations to the XLIFF and then import to Snagit

Open the XLIFF and add translations. XLIFF files can be opened and edited in text editors or programs made for translation work, like SDL or Trados Studio. For more information about working with XLIFF files, check out this support article.

Then, return to Snagit and go to File > Translate > Import Translation. Select the file with your added translations and click Open. Enter a language code, and click OK. Snagit duplicates the images and replaces the original text with the new translations.


Image and a plus sign in the upper right corner.

New images are added to the Library

View the images associated with a translation file by selecting the auto-generated tag. Click the language tab to sort images by language.

Snagit Library with the new tag for the new images and the Language highlighted by callouts.

Save disc icon.

Review images and save

You may need to adjust the size of some callouts to fit the translated text. Double click to open the translated images in the editor and make any revisions.

When everything looks how you want it, save the images to a file format of your choice.


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