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Snagit 4

Find a capture from a few weeks or even months ago with the Snagit Library. The Library helps you stay organized by categorizing captures and allows you to tag and search for media.

Key takeaways from this video

0:16 - Snagit’s built-in library is accessible right from Snagit Editor.

0:29 - Search or filter your captures by media type, what application or website you captured, or how you tagged them.

0:50 - Tagging media with keywords can help you associate your captures with a task, or project.

1:11 - To drill down even further, sort your filtered media by date, filename, or size.

1:29 - Part of managing your captures is getting rid of captures you no longer need or use. From the Snagit library, you can move your captures to your computer’s trash.



Tutorial Video (25.5 MB)

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