Snagit 11 on Windows

Whether you're a new or existing user, our video and written tutorials are here to help you get the most out of Snagit on Windows.

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Title Category Level Format
000 - Connecting Your Mobile Device Mobile I Video
001 - Rotated Video Tips and Tricks Mobile I Written
002 - Where Did it Go? Finding Options in 11.4 Reference I PDF
003 - Google Drive: Access and Collaborate Around Your Content Share I Video
004 - Create Process Documentation PDF II Example
005 - Bring Your Mobile Content into Snagit Mobile I Video
006 - Capture Quickly Using OneClick Capture I Video/Written
007 - Snagit Highlights Highlights I Video
008 - Introduction to Snagit 11 Getting Started I Video
009 - What's New in Snagit 11 Reference I Video
010 - Moving from Jing to Snagit Getting Started I Written
011 - 01: Starting Snagit Snagit Basics 0 Video
012 - 02: Capture Images and Share via Email Snagit Basics 0 Video
013 - 03: Adding a Callout Snagit Basics 0 Video
014 - 04: Recording a Video Snagit Basics 0 Video
015 - 05: Sharing a Video via email Snagit Basics 0 Video
016 - Using All-in-One Capture Getting Started I Video/Written
017 - Recording Video Getting Started I Video/Written
018 - Recording System Audio Capture I Video
019 - Streamlining with Capture Profiles Capture II Video/Written
020 - Getting to Know the Editor Getting Started I Video
021 - Sharing with Snagit Share II Video
022 - Share to Share I Written
023 - Annotate with Drawing Tools Edit II Video
024 - Basic Editing in Snagit Edit I Video
025 - Enhance Your Image with Effects Edit II Video
026 - Customizing Tools using Quick Styles Styles II Video/Written
027 - The Library and Organizing Captures Library II Written
028 - Vector Objects and Selection Canvas I Written
029 - The Snagit Project File Format Reference I Written
030 - File Formats Overview Reference II Written
031 - Scrolling Capture Troubleshooting Capture II Written
032 - Capturing Using Custom Scroll Capture II Video
033 - Capturing a Scrolling Region Capture II Video
034 - Capturing Text Capture I Video
035 - Using Snagit 11 on Windows 8 Reference I Video/Written
036 - Editing Video Captures in Camtasia Studio 7 Edit II PDF
037 - Editing Video Captures in Camtasia Studio 8 Edit II PDF
038 - Downloading Profiles and Outputs Share II Video
039 - Understanding the Capture Modes Capture I Video
040 - The Many Ways People Use Snagit Example I Written
041 - Use Snagit for Research Example II Written
042 - Use Snagit for Feedback or Grading Example II Written
043 - Create Handout Graphics from a Video Capture Example II Written
044 - Maintain Privacy in Your Captures Edit II Written
045 - Batch Convert Images Edit II Written
046 - Capturing Using Hotkeys Capture II Video/Written
047 - Snagit Hotkeys Guide Reference I PDF
048 - Snagit Documentation Reference I Written

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