Record Audio in Camtasia Recorder

Record Audio in Camtasia Recorder

Learn how to set up and record audio in Camtasia Recorder.

It is important to start with good audio quality when recording. Audio quality may degrade with certain audio codecs used to compress the final video. See Recording Tips.

  1. Enable the Audio option.
    Audio option enabled
  2. Click the Audio dropdown to select the audio source.
  3. Adjust the Input level so the highest volume displays in the green to yellow range. Audio clipping may occur in the mid-orange to red range.
    Ideal audio level
  4. Click OK.

Your can record audio at a later time with the Voice Narration option in Camtasia Studio.

Audio Sources You Can Record

If the audio source is on and set up properly, the source appears in the Audio dropdown.

  • Microphone
  • Speaker audio (what you hear):
  • Line In

Troubleshoot the Volume Level




Audio low

Audio level does not change when audio is present.

Verify that the audio input source selected is connected and turned on.

Verify that the correct audio input source is selected. To verify, click the Audio dropdown and select Options.

Verify that the volume slider is not muted.

Audio low

Audio level is too low.

(i.e. Audio is not in the green to yellow range.)

Drag the slider to the right.

Audio high

Audio level is in the orange to red range where clipping can occur.

Drag the slider to the left.

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