Customize Assets

Learn how to customize assets such as titles and backgrounds from Camtasia Assets or your library to fit your project or brand.

Customize Assets

After you add an asset from the Camtasia Assets subtab or from your personal library, customize the properties to:

Note: The video above shows how to access the library in Camtasia 2023.2.0 and earlier.

  • To access the library in Camtasia 2023.3.0 or later, select Media tab > Library subtab. See Where’s My Camtasia Library?.
  • To access the free and premium assets in Camtasia version 2023.3.0 or later, select Media tab > Camtasia Assets subtab.

  • Edit the text.
  • Match your brand colors and logos.
  • Set the aesthetics or video tone.
  • Get the desired effect by changing the speed or other visual properties.

Customize an Asset

  1. Click to select the asset on the timeline or canvas.
  2. Click the Properties button.
    Properties button
  3. The Properties panel opens. Each asset has its own unique set of customizable properties, such as color, size, text, and speed. Edit the desired properties for each.
    customize asset in properties
  4. To preview the changes, drag the playhead on the timeline to the desired start location and click the Play button or press the Spacebar. The canvas displays a preview of your video.

To learn how to create your own custom assets and to set which quick properties can be customized, see Create Custom Assets.

Tip: Use the canvas or timeline to customize the position of the asset in your video.

See Position Media on Canvas or Explore the Timeline to get recommendations on how to position media on the canvas or timeline.